Annamaria Andrea Vitali

Annamaria Andrea Vitali, PhD 
Former Visiting Researcher at the UCLA Game Lab

Co-founder Contralto Game Collective
Co-founder voidLab
Post-Grad in Communication Design.

Artistic and design statement

I’m a digital designer, artist and researcher. I completed my PhD in Design at Politecnico di Milano in 2017 (with a thesis titled: “MEET ME IN PLAY. Creative processes and expressive techniques in playful multimedia”) after I spent one year (2015-2016) as visiting researcher and artist at UCLA Game Lab, Los Angeles. My background as a researcher in game and interaction design let me to acquire a deep expertise as interactive multimedia designer mixing design and artistic practice. Indeed, I have designed and creatively directed a variety of digital projects, from playful artworks to interaction design and media art, experimenting with the expressive languages of interactivity, visual styles, storytelling and sensorial qualities of interactive multimedia. Overcoming traditional pattern of usability or entertainment requirements my goal as a designer is to create meaningful interactions between artworks, people and designers.
I celebrate diversity in every form of expression.

Creating a bridge between artistic and design practice, my PhD and actual research has been mainly focused on experimental narrative videogames, together with other kind of interactive and not interactive multimedia projects.
I believe in the meaningful use of interactive multimedia, with a special interest for the creation of playful artworks.
Meaningful play for me should be intended at the light of sense-making processes elicited  by the expressive qualities of a multimedia artwork, including representation and storytelling together with interactivity. I believe that crafting “interactive multimedia narratives” in video games can serve the creation of a meeting point between authors and players. Playful narrative experiences become the place for dialogue and authorship: authors’ idea and visions drive the dialogue and the possibility provided for player’s identification and personal interpretation. People can identify  their real life and previous experience: they played doing the same or not respect their real values, to see what happens in the virtual simulation. This dialogic relationship create an intersection between authors’ expression and the degree of freedom of players. Hence, my experiments explore these topics through different  digital prototypes. Thereby, I consider some of my projects borderline examples of  “video game”, where playfulness, authorship and expression are mixed together creating a communication bridge between creators and players.

For more information, my last talk at Screenshake Festival 2017: Reframing Meaningful Play

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