Slot Machine

Light and sound effects, symbols, buttons and interaction procedure hide the fact that slot machines are simply an instant lottery. If there weren’t interesting interactions, sounds, lights and symbols, players would lose – sometimes win – and the play experience would be less interesting and compelling.

This prototype is designed to provide players five different perceptive experiences, through five level to play. In each level the same sequence of events differs from the previous one for the lights and sounds that are turned on or off each time.

The prototype aims to explain how the playworld attributes of  slot machine interface affect:
1. near miss perception: winning and losing events are usually both characterized by sounds and lights effects, thus the players believe win is closer. What if there were lights and sounds only in actual win events?
2. suspension of judgement: playworld attributes are designed to entertain gamblers and to induce lack of attention to money expenditure. What if there was nothing noisy to entertain players?
3. illusion of control:┬áthe presence of symbols and images on reels makes gamblers think that it’s possible to foresee a win according to the sequence of symbols appeared in previous play session. What if there was no symbols on reels?

Cognitive Dynamics:
Near miss, Suspension of judgment, Illusion of control

Interactive Grammar:
Elimination of interface attributes