Absurd Elevator Simulator

ABSURD ELEVATOR SIMULATOR is a game made for the 2016 Global Game Jam (http://globalgamejam.org/2016/games/absurd-elevato...)

2016 theme was "rituals". Thinking about it we decided to design a dazzling elevator sim where while accomplishing your everyday tasks as elevator operator, you run into weird creatures, speaking to you about theirself and their own daily life. Who will board next? Where will they want to go? As the absurd elevator operator, you decide the destination floor by making a combination of 3 buttons on a customize keyboard.

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A game by the absurd elevator operators:
Tonia Beglari @yaytonia
Peter Lu @_kitchen
Elaine Gomez @sailorchzbrger
Annamaria Andrea Vitali @AndryCinnamon
Elevator 3D model: Arjun Prakash
Some of the characters by Sam Lyonhttp://jellygummies.tumblr.com/
Music and some of the pictures are taken from internet. Contact us if you find any issues or copyright concerns.