Art+Feminism Wikipedia Edit-a-thon

In march 2017 I curated with Wikimedia Italia, BASE Milano and WikiDonne, the first edition of Art+Feminism Wikipedia edit-a-thon in Milano (here a report in Italian by Motherboard Italy). An edit-a-thon is an editing marathon to create new articles on the free encyclopedia. The edit-a-thon organized globally since 2014 by Art+Feminism have a specific goal: to meaningfully improve the knowledge available on Wikipedia about art, women and feminism and to encourage women’s participation on the encyclopedia.

What I did for the Milan event:

  1. Curation of the proposed list of articles to create on the italian version of Wikipedia, focusing the writing marathon on female artists and designers working specifically in the field of videogames and media art.
  2. Event organization, promotion and documentation by creating a proper  website collecting more information, rules and instruction for partecipants, together with a summary of the results.
  3. Curation of artist relation for invited artist Claudia Molinari.
  4. Design of different promotional material: video teaser, promocard, and photographs.

I also wrote an article for Vice Italia, narrating what actually happened on Wikipedia after the event. Despite the success of the project (globally and also locally here in Italy), the creation - and the existence - of some of the new articles on art and feminism has been reason of dispute and disagreement in the community of editors on Italian Wikipedia. Indeed, some administrators and contributors deleted after few days part of the work done during the edit-a-thon. The way it happened has revealed the existence of biases and hierarchical structures, which I would have never expected from a platform defining itself as free and collaborative.

Pictures of the event

(These and other images are available on Wikimedia Common here under the license Creative Commons Attribution-Share Alike 4.0 International license).

    Communication materials I designed