Cut off (and reverse)

Cut off and reverse is a short flick game made of 16 scenes and developed using the flickgame tool by Stephen Lavelle (@increpare). It’s an interactive metaphorical story told through 16 abstract pixel drawings connected by a point and click mechanic: the player advances the story by clicking on active/interactive colors in the scene that bring to the next scene

Cut off and Reverse is a short game where the play experience is achieved through experimental interactivity and storytelling, beyond technical complex representation. The simplicity of the drawing due to the tool employed, driven my ideas towards abstract and metaphorical interpretation of pain and depression. The abstraction of visual representation is then supported by dynamism of the different scenes changing one after each other in a sort of cause-effect relationship. The way each scene is connected each other suggest there is a link between the two different events composing the story. The story is just suggested and player has the role to make it advance and happening finding the final easter egg (the reverse interactive process).