Myth Of Medusa
Myth of Medusa is a game we made during the last Global Game Jam 2014, in Rome. I collaborated to the design of the game, together with Ilya Florenskiy, Davide Politi, Pietro Righi Riva,Enrico Rossomando, Luca Francesco Rossi and Nicolò Tedeschi. The theme of the jam was a quote from Anais Nin: "We don't see things as they are, we see things as we are". It could be interpreted in this way: our perceptions and our way to see - therefore to make sense of things, depends from how things are represented, but also from our personal way to shape what we see and how we interact with. Screen Shot 2014-01-26 at 18.07.19 The game takes place in an enchanted winter forest. Wandering in its fog, you'll meet a blind entity that quests you about your identity. Unfortunately, you can’t recall who you are. The creature promises to help you out of the forest only when you will reveal your true nature. Here starts your path of self discovery: you'll encounter several elements, and through interacting with those you will understand your physical characteristics, your nature and personality. You will meet the magic entity again and it will question you again, helping you deciphering the hints encountered in the forest. Remember: every game will spawn you as a different creature and every creature will behave and interact with the environment in distinctive way.

Myth of Medusa is an example of how defining interactions modalities - of the game characters, in our case - is possible to help players to make sense of what is happening, providing hints and suggestions. Every time you play, you are a different creature expressing itself with a proper "language of interaction" with objects found in the forest. The objective of the game is to make sense of the interactions, and find personal identity.

My roles and expertise Characters design, definition of dialogues and characthers behaviours.

Here a gameplay video, and a link to download the game