Two Sided

Two Sided has been made for a class I followed during my experience as visiting researcher at UCLA. The game is inspired from a paragraph of Milan Kundera’s novel The Hitchhiking Game. Here the paragraph of the novel I used as source of inspiration:

“She, who was always uneasy in advance about her every next step, suddenly felt completely relaxed.The alien life in which she had become involved was a life without shame, without biographical specifications, without past or future, without obligations. It was a life that was extraor dinarily free. The girl, as a hitchhiker, could do anything, everything was permitted her. She could say, do, and feel whatever she liked.”

Following my personal interpretation, the text tells the story of a girl and her discovery of a new different emerging personality, which coexists together with the old one. I used this idea of dualism as a driver for my creative process, and the goal was to explore how to decline the design of video games to convey such experience and reach empathy in players.

Therefore I designed Two Sided (creating the visual art, UX, gameplay design and programming) as a first person exploration game, where the play experience happens in two different game worlds. The game aimed to recreate an experience where player can observe but also “feel” protagonist’s self-discovery of her two opposite “sides” through two opposite sensorial experiences.

Indeed, the two sides are visually represented by two opposite visual style: a black and white static “planet” for one side of protagonist’s personality,opposite to a colorful dynamic one for the other side.

Through a gameplay mechanism the player can explore the two sides switching between the two different planets. In the first side, holding the left mouse button you move in the space going only forward. When, holding the right mouse button you switch to the second side, you move forward by holding the left mouse button, but you can also change direction by moving the mouse and enjoy a freer exploration of the new space.

My roles and expertise

Coded by me in Unity3D. I authored the visual art creating textures and graphic elements. I also designed the overall user experience and gameplay design.

Visual art and style: TWO SIDED_1
Interactivity and gameplay: