Listening ourself and the context around us as catalysts for innovation.

On 9th and 10th June 2023 I attended Futureshots, an event hosted by
H-FARM. Here you are my highlights.

Futureshots is an event organised yearly by H-FARM with the goal to open conversations around the state of the art of digital world and innovation. Listening to the various speakers, I noticed a fil rouge: conscious human creativity and need of expression are very often the driver for innovation.

For example Elena Palumbo from @cosmico talked about how one day she decided she would have changed her way of living and working to be aligned with her inner purpose: travelling, discover new place while growing as human being. 

Everything started from a random meeting with a traveller who told her he was travelling for 63 days in a row. This few worlds stayed in her mind for long, until one day, sitting in from of her office desk  she told herself:  “What am I doing?”.

From that moment, her journey towards a different way of living and working started, changing completely her life. Now she is living as digital nomad inspiring other to do the same.

Chiara Luzzana made us “listening”: she brought to the audience her experience as sound designer talking about some of her projects for important brand. She explained her experimental approach, which  consists in focusing on noises before than sound. But, it wasn’t only about that. 

Indeed, starting from the fact that during pregnancy we develop the sense of listening before than seeing  – and this alone should make us reflect  – she invited the audience to reflect and be aware of all the  meta-information (for example in terms of emotions and memories) we could collect, if we’d just start listening the silence and the noises around us. 

This is where her creativity and innovative approach to sound design came from: a moment of introspection which led her to be more attentive int the art of listening and then, learn to transform noises into beautiful soundtrack for brands as a job. She left the public with very meaningful questions: 

what if we learn to transform what we usually labeled as noise in our life, in something beautiful? What if we just listen around without adding anything to what is already there? These questions reminded me a lot my experience of Vipassana meditation, but that’s another long story 😉

These are just a couple of the speakers I met during the event, but there were a lot of other talks going in the same direction. Either it is a new way to live and work, to use digital technologies or to do art – one of the driver for innovating ourself, the way we do things for us or for the others, come very ofter from a moment of friction between us and the surroundings. The turning point arise when we develop the capability of deeply connect and listen to one’s inner self and purpose. As much we give space to connect and listen, as much we’ll find the courage, the strength, the resilience to explore actual context and transform frictions, into creative actions bringing innovation that positively impact us and world around us.

Do you allow yourself listening to frictions? Are you transforming them into creative actions?

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